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Industrial Storage Supplies to Keep Production Safe and Efficient

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Material Handling On The Production Floor

Managing supplies and inventory takes place in the two major areas of storage of stock and utilizing materials in the production area. After goods come off of the shelf or out of the truck, they have to be utilized in the production process and that requires a unique set of material handling devices. Many times, this comes in the form of cranes, hoist rings, and rigging systems. Many devices for inventory management and transportation are considered catalog items, meaning that they are standard across supply companies for ease of use.

The crucial component in any rigging system is the weakest link. Every single part of an overhead system has to be rated for twice the expected load to ensure nothing fails. This means every component, from rigging down to hoist rings, has to be capable of easily managing a heavy load, even if a partial failure occurs.

These requirements break down into a number of design decisions for effective and safe material handling. One such decision comes into play for choosing hoist rings. Fixed hoist rings offer a greater rated load, but swivel mount fixed rings offer more maneuverability and a better range of motion for loading goods onto the production line. Materials of construction are also a key design decision.

Industrial Storage Supplies

The bulk of material handling decisions are involved with storage of both raw materials and finished products before final shipment. The most common solution comes down to pallets and pallet racks. These systems are catalog items to facilitate easy storage and the ability to expand warehousing capabilities. Pallets are so common because they are easy to work with, handle many different types of loads, and are made for stacking when combined with rack systems.

Rack systems make for an ideal use of storage space. Long rows and high columns allow every square inch of a warehouse to be utilized from floor to ceiling. Most importantly, these racks allow for safe and secure stacking of pallets. All of the stacked and stored goods can be easily reached with any number of pallet handling devices for quick retrieval.

The most commonly used devices in industry tend to be pallet jacks, forklift trucks, dollies, carts, and hand trucks. In order to move inventory vertically, forklift trucks and powered jacks are often utilized. Once the inventory is on the floor, any number of manual and powered devices are well suited for moving stock throughout a warehouse or facility. Best of all, most of these options only require a single person to move an entire load either by hand or with a truck or powered jack.